“The freedom of a person does not lie in the fact that he can do what he wants,
but that he doesn’t have to do what he doesn’t want to do.”

Jean-Jaques Rousseau

Firm roots promote independence

I had the great good fortune to grow up in a family where values like respect for one another, tolerance, personal responsibility and responsibility for and the community were exemplified.
On this foundation I was able to welcome all changes in my life with curiosity and openness
. . .and gather my experiences.


: born in 1959

: Grown up in the parental winery

: Father of three adult children


: Bachelor of Business Administration (FH)

: Mediator (Business & Work, Family)

: Systemic Coach

: Non-violent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg

: Sociocratic circle moderation

: Moderator for Systemic Consensus

Work experience

: Over 30 years

: Management positions in medium-sized companies and
group companies

: Several years of international experience


: Tourism and transport

: Viticulture and agriculture

: Automobile trade (Remarketing)

: Car rental and leasing

: Service


: Group and individual communication

: Generation change

: Personal development

: Teal Organization

: Conflict Management

: Change Management

: Cooperation in groups and organizations

: Culture of conversation

Let’s talk

I am at your disposal for a non-binding information meeting/// t. +49 175.5797164

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