Whether in family, partnership, with colleagues, co-workers, supervisors, customers or suppliers – just between people – conflicts arise. As a trained mediator I assist the parties to the conflict to connect again


    As a systemic coach, I can help you personally, your group, department or organization to discover their own strengths again. I will help you to find their own solutions.


    I will help you ask the right questions – By providing you the space for a little more distance to your daily business; to look a little more outside the box.

  • Nonviolent Communication

    Marshall Rosenbergs Nonviolent Communication inspires me since several years. I try to use is and share it with everybody.

    The rediscovery of our feelings and needs enables us to meet ourselves and others on equal level.

    This is the base to avoid and solve conflicts.

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Facilitation is for me to,

  • support the flow of communication
  • create and hold space for open exchange
  • support families, teams and communities
  • enable a save and equal space for everyone


As mediator I support and accompany parties to

      • be heard with their needs and feelings
      • transform their conflicts
      • restore dignity and justice
      • communicate and connect


The coach supports individuals and groups

  • during transition phases
  • at times where clarity is needed
  • to re- and discover their internal strength
  • become aware again of their needs
  • connect with their feelings


I love to share my experience with you and support

  • Family owned businesses
  • organisations
  • teams and communities


  • shaping organisational structures
  • cooperation
  • processes

Let us talk about it

I am at your disposal for a free information session /// t. 0175.5797164