„The real problem in communication is, that we listen to answer and not to understand

I support you maintaining the flow of communication

Co-operation will work, if all participants are heard

All opinions and skills of every member of a community contributes to the value of the whole.

As your facilitator I support groups, teams, organisations and communities to keep communication going and stay connected.

This enables to cope better with ever changing environments and situations. Imagine your company has a new owner, you change position by promotion, there are changes in your family, … .

I facilitate single events and acompany change processes as well.


Facilitation Highlights

Social Life

: Club / board meetings

: Parent councils

: Citizen’s initiatives

: Family reunions

: Inheritance processes

: Separation phases

Professional Settings

: Specific events (e.g. “kick off” meetings)

: Project meetings

: Regular conferences

: Conflict resolution

: Change processes

: Change of ownership

: Restructuring processes

Let us talk about it

I am at your disposal for a free information session /// t. 0175.5797164

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